Sunday, 18 March 2012

#Some Stylish Bags.

I'm trying to find a few perfect bags for this spring/summer, but don't know which ones to get? I'd really like a schoolbag style, you know with the two straps on each side? In a bright colour, like orange, or yellow or bright pink, and another bag but this time a fringed one, a bit smaller and a darker colour to balance it, like a dark emerald green, or a dark red.
I found these on-line and did a little collage for any of you who are also looking for affordable bags. :)






H&M 19.95 €

H&M, 19.95 €

H&M , 29.95€

                                                                                 Forever 21

Jack Wills top handle handbag
$99 -
CASE MATE leather handbag
$58 -
ALDO leather handbag
$64 -
Satchel handbag
$60 -
Tote handbag
$60 -
Minnetonka cross body handbag
$50 -
Friis Company blue handbag
€43 -
Satchel handbag
£35 -

I have my eyes set on the orange or green H&M bag, or the yellow one (?!) and the cream coloured fringed Zara bag. The blue bag in the collage is amazing too :)

Hope I inspired you for your next summer bag purchase! :D

xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

PS: I'd like to say thankyou to the people who left lovely comments on my new blog, and to my new followers, I'm very grateful.♥

Sunday, 11 March 2012

#New Clothes Snapshot

Here are the clothes I bought in England. (the Gap hoodie isn't there because it's currently in the washbag (-: ) 

Union jack top : Primark 5£ 
Hoodie and Polo Shirt : Hollister 50£ & 28£
Ring : 6£ , Next

3 additional photos : Poster from Vogue magazine, owl necklace from Promod (13€). 

Today is my last day of half term, going to miss being on my laptop all day! I shopped online today and looked for a fringed bag but couldn't find any. if anyone could tell me a place to buy that kind of bag please tell me! :D 

xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

Friday, 9 March 2012

#My Two Days In London.

So, last Friday to Saturday I went on a small trip for two days to London. On Friday I spent the day in central London shopping on Oxford and Regent Street, and I shopped in GAP (30% off the whole store!), Next, Primark, and HMV.

I also went into this huge amazing clothes store called The Sting, on Regent Street. It's new in the UK and it's Dutch. Who thought the Dutch would be so fashionable?! It's a stylish shop, perfect for teenagers and young women, but also the stylish boys and young men ;-) There's two floors and there are lots of styles in different compartments. American style, bohemian/Indian style, chic style, club style, rock'n'roll style, a pastel collection perfect for this summer's trend, and lots more. seriously, whoever is going to London soon MUST go in there! The prices are reasonable even though some things are quite expensive for what it is.

Then on Saturday I chilled at my friends house in my home town in London Bourough to head off to Bluewater in the afternoon. Fun packed shopping trip! I didn't go to much shops because we only had 2 hours to shop before we took the train back to France. I only bought things in Hollister that day because my money run out, ahaha.

Anyway, they do say Retail Therapy is the best... *wink*
I took some brief photos in London, enjoy. Soon there will be a post on the clothes I bought... hint hint...

Donc, vendredi a samedi dernier je suis allé sur un petit voyage de deux jours à Londres. Vendredi dernier, j'ai passé la journée dans le centre de Londres a faire du shopping sur Oxford et Regent Street, et j'ai "shoppé" à GAP (30% de réduction tout le magasin!), Next, Primark, et HMV.

Je suis aussi allé dans un enooorme magasin de fringues appelé The Sting, sur Regent Street. C'est nouveau dans le Royaume-Uni et c'est néerlandais. Qui aurait cru que les Néerlandais serait tellement à la mode! C'est une boutique stylée, parfait pour les adolescents et les jeunes femmes, mais aussi les garçons et les jeunes hommes  stylés ;-)  Il ya deux étages et il ya beaucoup de styles dans les différents compartiments. Style américain, bohème / style indien, style chic, style club, style rock'n'roll, une collection pastel parfaite pour la tendance de cet été, et bien plus encore. Serieusement, celui qui va à Londres DOIT aller là-bas! Les prix sont raisonnables, même si certaines choses sont assez cher pour ce que c'est.

Puis, le lendemain, je me repose dans la maison d'une amie dans ma ville natale dans London Bourough (la banlieue de Londres) avant de refaire les magasins à Bluewater dans l'après-midi.Je ne suis pas beaucoup aller dans les magasins parce que nous n'avions que 3 heures pour faire des achats avant que nous prenions le train pour rentrer en France. Je n'ai acheté que des choses à Hollister ce jour-là parce que j'etais a court d'argent, ahaha.

Quoi qu'il en soit, ils disent bien que le shopping est bon pour la santé ... * clin d'oeil *
J'ai pris quelques photos de brèves à Londres. Bientôt il y aura un post sur les vêtements que j'ai achetés ... hint hint ...

All these photos are by me, so please ask to borrow. ;-) 

xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

Thursday, 1 March 2012

#The Pastel Trend.

So I heard that the trend this summer was soft pastel colours, and soft fluffy fabrics. Louis Vuitton started this trend and was the inspiration to a lot of commercial shops, with his amazing summer 2012 show with the carrousel and all the angel like dresses.
So the must have colours that have to be in your closet this spring/summer must be pastel pink and blue, mint, coral, vanilla and lilac.
I made 2 pastel sets on Polyvore as examples for your outfits this summer:

And some inspiration photos from We♥It :

And I found this awesome bag in my closet just for this summer :

The bag is meant to be lilac but my camera didn't capture the right colour.

xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Nothing's fine, I'm Torn.

I took this photo on a snowy day, when I felt nostalgic for some unknown reason. It's not a very special photo but I think it's good enough to show the feeling that you get when you look out the window, just thinking, so I wanted to capture this moment in time.

xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

Hey there.

I'm The Other Girl In Town & I'm a teenage girl from South London. No more shall be said about me, I will be kept anonymous, it makes this blog more mysterious.
This blog was created for a reason and that reason is to share my style with you, and everything that goes on in the fashion & celebrity world. Posts will include ratings out of 10 on celebrities outfits, celebrity gossip, my style including photos of my outfits and that I take that inspires me, inspiring photos and fashion photos, and also how to customize the new trending looks. 
So, scroll down my page, read it, share it, comment on it, write on it, follow it.
May I note that mosy photos come from We Heart It and Tumblr, so credit goes to them, but I will write it when they are my photos and when they are and you would like to take them , please don't forget to put my blog html and alert me.

All photos are from We Heart It. :)
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