Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Hey there.

I'm The Other Girl In Town & I'm a teenage girl from South London. No more shall be said about me, I will be kept anonymous, it makes this blog more mysterious.
This blog was created for a reason and that reason is to share my style with you, and everything that goes on in the fashion & celebrity world. Posts will include ratings out of 10 on celebrities outfits, celebrity gossip, my style including photos of my outfits and that I take that inspires me, inspiring photos and fashion photos, and also how to customize the new trending looks. 
So, scroll down my page, read it, share it, comment on it, write on it, follow it.
May I note that mosy photos come from We Heart It and Tumblr, so credit goes to them, but I will write it when they are my photos and when they are and you would like to take them , please don't forget to put my blog html and alert me.

All photos are from We Heart It. :)
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xoxo, The O.G.I.T ♥

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